The Board of Education is composed of seven citizens elected at-large on a non-partisan ballot in the primary election of every even-numbered year. Board members serve overlapping terms of four years each with the term of each Board member beginning on January 1st after the November election.

The Board sets policies and has final authority over local school corporation matters, within the laws enacted by the Indiana General Assembly and the policies established by the Indiana State Board of Education. Regular meetings are held each month at the Education and Community Center at 975 N. Post Road. Meetings of the Board follow a standard procedure that facilitates citizen participation and input. The Board of Education welcomes citizen's participation and is interested in hearing the comments and suggestions of any Warren Township patron on any issue relating to school board business.

Outstanding Board Recognition

As accountability standards for service continue to rise at all levels and within every group involved in public education, today's school boards are challenged by ever-expanding roles focusing in areas such as curriculum, instruction, and student achievement. Consequently, as new standards continue to impact our way of life, the Indiana School Boards Association continues to promote its very successful Certification/Awards Program. This program was initiated for recognizing board members and entire boards who meet criteria in boardmanship and board-related activities.

Board of Education Members

School Board Member Bios

Title Name Email
President Rachel Burke rburke@warren.k12.in.us
Vice President Gloria Williams gwilliam2@warren.k12.in.us
Secretary Terri Amos tamos4@warren.k12.in.us
Member Howard Dorsey, Jr. hdorsey@warren.k12.in.us
Member Julie French jfrench@warren.k12.in.us
Member LaShauna Triplett ltriplet1@warren.k12.in.us
Member Michelle Wright mwright@warren.k12.in.us