Title 1

The mission of Title I is to provide a continuum of services and resources to identified schools that enrich curriculum and instruction, promote interaction and coordination of supplementary services and resources, and result in excellence and high expectations for educators and students. Through collective efforts, we strive to promote increased educational performance of students attending Title I schools.

MSD of Warren Township Title One Schools

Brookview Elementary

Eastridge Elementary

Grassy Creek Elementary

Hawthorne Elementary

Lakeside Elementary

Liberty Park Elementary

Lowell Elementary

Pleasant Run Elementary

Sunny Height Elementary

Creston Intermediate/Middle School

Raymond Park Intermediate/ Middle School

Stonybrook Intermediate/ Middle School

Parent Involvement Policy

The MSD of Warren Township believes that the education of children is a joint responsibility, one it shares with the parents of the school community. To ensure that the best interests of the child are served in this process, a strong educational program with communication between home and school must be maintained.

District Parent Involvement Policy

Family School Compact

The MSD of Warren Township will provide high quality curriculum aligned to the Indiana Academic Standards in a supportive and engaging learning environment. Warren Township recognizes the importance for families and schools to work together as a team.

Warren Family School Compact

MSD of Warren Township District Report Card