The walls of the classrooms and hallways at the Warren Early Childhood Center are covered with images of our students and stories of their learning experiences. Our staff members refer to these displays as pedagogical documentation which simply means stories about how teaching and learning takes place at our school. Our staff uses the Indiana Foundation for Young Children, developed by the Indiana Department of Education, as a guide for addressing the types of skills that will contribute to later school success. Our staff members regularly assess students on the indicators that they are progressing toward mastery of the Indiana Foundations. Those assessments help our teachers make decisions about how to best support our students' learning, but it is also important that our teachers pay attention to not only what the children have learned, but also the context in which the learning took place. The "documentation" on display at our school and also on this section of our website serves as a history filled with examples of how learning happens for children attending our school. Some of these PDF files are digital copies of large displays you would see hanging on the walls of our school and others are digital copies of entire books our staff members have created that tell the stories of learning projects from beginning to end. If you are interested in learning more about how teaching and learning happens at the Warren Early Childhood Center please call the school at (317) 869-4750.